Finance and Strategy

About Finance and Strategy

Our Finance and Strategy team is responsible for setting and driving our strategic direction and looking after our finance activities to ensure we're able to deliver results for our customers and our shareholders. Our team of specialists provide the right advice and support at the right time to our local and global divisions.


  • Melbourne and Sydney

Degrees/majors accepted

  • Accounting
  • Actuarial Science
  • Actuarial Studies
  • Business
  • Commerce
  • Economics
  • Engineering

The areas in Finance and Strategy

Enterprise Finance

Responsible for delivering our financial results and supporting each of our areas by providing financial reporting and analysis. Also manages financial operation, financial control and governance, and finance planning and forecasting.

Group Economics

Provide economic insights for our business, our clients and customers.

Group Treasury

Operates on behalf of the NAB group to manage the Group's capital, funding and balance sheet management needs.

Group Development

Enhances and protects shareholder value through the provision of strategic advice to the executive leadership team and senior leaders in relation to mergers and acquisitions, business development and special projects.

Internal Audit

Objectively assesses the controls, reliability and integrity of our business and technology environments, and provides assurance to the Principal Board Audit Committee and Management that significant inherent risks are addressed.

Investor Relations

Plays a key strategic role in maximising our shareholder value and managing the Group’s credibility in financial markets.


Influences strategic direction and priorities. There are five divisional strategy teams aligned to the customer model; Personal Banking, Business Banking, Wealth, Product and Markets and Enterprise Services and Transformation, as well as our Group Strategy and Performance Alignment teams.

Possible career opportunities for a Finance and Strategy graduate

Graduates in Finance and Strategy may have the opportunity to work in a number of key areas. Through the variety of opportunities, graduates have the chance to develop:

  • An understanding of our risk framework and the controls that are in place to mitigate a range of critical risks.
  • Skills in identifying trends and patterns in data and communicating insights to create value.
  • Change management capabilities assisting with change management approach, key activities, resource requirements and costs.

Graduate career topics

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