Personal Banking

About Personal Banking

With 750 retail stores and kiosks, and 5 million consumer and small business customers, Personal Bank is one of our most important divisions. Personal Bank is also responsible for our consumer and business contact centres, managing our broker relationships, looking after our digital channels, and managing our ATM and Self Service devices.


  • Melbourne

Degrees/majors accepted

  • All degrees

The areas in Personal Banking

Digital and Direct Banking

Lets our customers do their banking when and where they want through our contact centres and digital channels, including our website and internet banking platforms.


Is our national distribution network of around 750 retail branches, agencies and kiosks. Through our retail network we provide help, guidance and advice to help support our customer to achieve their financial goals.

Micro and Small Business

Looks after our micro and small business customers ranging from start-ups through to mature businesses across a range of industries including retail, manufacturing and services.

Broker Partnerships

Works with home loan and business customers to determine their borrowing needs, select a suitable loan from a panel of lenders, and act as intermediary between the lender and customer.

Business Management

Supports the delivery channels in Personal Banking by providing information, insights, quality control and assurance, leading improvement programs, and managing our network of branches and ATMs.

Possible career opportunities for a Personal Bank graduate

Use your passion for customers to create value through:

  • Helping customers with their day to day banking needs by working in the servicing teams in our branches or contact centres.
  • Improving the online experience for customers by enhancing our digital channels and/or working on new apps.
  • Helping to transform our business through deployment of major projects and initiatives.
  • Helping to optimise our business performance through analysing performance data and providing insights.

Graduate career topics

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