Amendment Forms

If you are an existing National Online Business customer, you can make the following amendments to your service. Please select the appropriate link to download the required form. Contact National Online Support on 1300 652 565 if you require assistance with completing these forms.

Note: upon completion of the amendment forms, please mail to:

National Australia Bank Limited
National Online Business
Reply Paid 5045
Heidelberg West Victoria 3081

Forms 1 and 1a
National Online Business Additions/Amendment Request (PDF, 69KB)
Select this form to change any customer details or information, add/delete services or accounts and add/delete Authorisation Passwords or Authentication Devices related to your existing National Online Business service.

You also need to complete the National Online Bridging Document (PDF, 290KB) if you are adding or reassigning Authorisation Officers for the purposes of processing value transfers.

Form 2
National Online Business Schedule (PDF, 214KB)
Select this form to add additional parties to your existing National Online Business software licence. (Only required if more than four [4] parties are requesting an addition or amendment to National Online Business).

Form 3
Credit User Application (PDF, 241KB)
Select this form to apply to become a credit user in the bulk electronic clearing system. (Only required if applying to use the direct payments service or adding an additional party to your existing direct payments service).

Form 4 and 4a
Appointment of a Verifying Officer Template version (PDF, 32KB)
If you are an incorporated entity or a government authority using the National Online Business software select this template to provide guidance on the information required by NAB to allow the appointment of your staff as a Verifying Officer.

A person once appointed as a Verifying Officer by NAB is permitted on our behalf to complete the AUSTRAC 100 points identification for Authorising Officers needing to be defined to the National Online Business software. As part of this process each nominated Authorising Officer is to be provided with a copy of the NAB Privacy Notification (PDF, 289KB) at the time of completing the amendment form.

To replace or reallocate custody of an existing Authorisation Password or Authentication Device
Please contact National Online Support on 1300 652 565 for assistance with replacing or reallocating custody of an existing Authorisation Password or Authentication Device.

Helpful hints:

  1. Photocopy the amendment form/s for your records.
  2. To avoid processing delays, check that the amendment form/s have been correctly completed and signed by the appropriate authorised signatories.
  3. Mail original amendment form/s to the address shown above.

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