Report spoof/hoax emails

Important: We will never ask you to disclose your password via email. We will only communicate about NAB Internet Banking electronically via the secure messaging facility within the system itself.

  • Pause and think – be aware of email, internet and telephone hoaxes and scams. If you're suspicious call us on 1300 651 656.
  • Don't respond to any email requesting personal information, even if it appears to have come from us. We will never ask you to disclose your details in this way.

If you believe your security or personal information has been compromised or you notice a transaction you didn't initiate, please call the Internet Banking support team on 1300 651 656, 7am-9pm Mon-Fri or 8am-6pm (AEST/AEDT) on weekends.

Help us fight scams by alerting us to suspicious activity as soon as possible

  • Report any NAB related scams to including your name and any comments.
  • Where possible please forward the entire scam email with full header information – some email clients allow this with an option of sending as an attachment.
  • We’ll email you an automated response in 15 minutes to acknowledge your report. This will not address you by name.
  • We will investigate every spoof email reported.

See our latest scams, fraud and phishing alerts for examples of recent phishing or hoax activities.

Report any non NAB related scams to SCAMwatch, an independent website run by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC).

For non internet banking enquiries, visit our Contact us page.

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