Tips for smooth transactions when sending money overseas:

  • Provide the full account details of the beneficiary. This will differ depending on the country:

    • banks in Europe use a standard International Bank Account Number (IBAN),
    • banks in the United States use a Routing Transit Number, and
    • British banks use a Sort Code.
  • Bank code
    Country code
    Location code
    Branch code

    Provide the SWIFT code of the beneficiary bank - either 8 or 11 characters

    When sending money overseas using NAB Internet Banking, the relevant SWIFT code will now be automatically generated when you enter a valid International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

    This is another way we are making international payments easier with NAB.

  • To avoid payments being rejected, use the message field to provide a reason for payment

    (e.g. Happy Birthday or Invoice 4563)