Benefits of Super Lever

Apply for NAB Super Lever

Limited recourse

• Our recourse against the Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is limited to the acquired asset held as loan security.

• Maximums apply to the value of assets acquired.

Contributions – no initial change to the net capital of your SMSF

• Borrowing funds to acquire an asset under a limited recourse borrowing arrangement does not increase the net capital value of your SMSF, so it shouldn't result in a contribution to your fund for ATO purposes.

Accessible strategy

• Both individual and corporate trustees may apply.

• SMSFs with a mixture of accumulation or the pension accounts can apply.

• Limited recourse loans should be managed via SMSF accumulation accounts.


• The required security trust structure is provided within NAB Super Lever. This avoids the additional expense of setting up your own separate security trustee.

• If your facility is approved, and you decide to make an investment, you simply send us a form with your investment request and arrange to provide the required cash contribution.


• As the SMSF trustee, you can choose (1) your investment from a broad range of approved investments, (2) your preferred gearing level, (3) whether to capitalise loan interest, (4) whether to make use of non-SMSF security to support a loan via a guarantee and (5) when to repay the loan

Unconditional access to investment distributions

• Cash dividends and distributions flow directly to you as the beneficial owner of the financed investment. These income flows are available for you to reinvest within your SMSF, or you may choose to reduce an existing NAB Super Lever loan balance.


• The facility credit and transaction limits are designed to create a split between the SMSF equity contributed to this gearing strategy, and the SMSF equity reserved to support other fund obligations.