ATM Direct Charging

Thursday, 28 January 2009

In March 2009, at the request of the Reserve Bank of Australia, all ATM owners in Australia will introduce Direct Charging; changing the way you are charged for using an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) in Australia that isn’t owned by your financial institution.

Under Direct Charging and at the time of the transaction, the ATM owner will charge a fee direct to you for using their ATM. The fee may differ across ATMs, depending on the ATM owner or type of transaction. You may also be charged a fee by your own institution for using another owner’s ATM.

The intent of Direct Charging is to make ATM fees more transparent, provide greater choice for customers and to increase competition amongst ATM owners.

From March 2009, any time you use an ATM in Australia that isn’t owned by your financial institution, the ATM will display the amount of the direct charge.

  • Cardholders can agree to the charge and continue the transaction, immediately incurring the fee OR
  • Cancel the transaction without incurring the fee

To avoid paying Direct Charge fees, NAB Customers should:

  • Use a NAB ATM wherever possible. The Direct Charge is only applicable to NAB customers when they use a non-NAB ATM. NAB has over 1600 ATMs across Australia including those in Coles Express service stations and Coles supermarkets.
  • Withdraw extra cash when using EFTPOS to pay for shopping or petrol. This can save time and money.
  • Instead of using a non-NAB ATM to conduct an account balance enquiry, use NAB internet or telephone banking services.

Further information on ATM Direct Charging is available from the Australian Payments Clearing Association:

For general enquiries about NAB ATMs, including the nearest NAB ATM location, customers should contact 13 22 65.

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