NAB announces gender targets, recognised as an Employer of Choice for Women for the 5th year

Tuesday 8 March 2011

National Australia Bank (NAB) has today announced a series of gender targets as part of a commitment to further increase the number of women in senior roles at the bank.

NAB has also been recognised as an Employer of Choice for Women (EOCFW) by the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (EOWA) for the fifth year in a row.

NAB Group CEO, Cameron Clyne said that he was very proud of the EOWA recognition and also pleased to announce NAB's commitment to a set of targets to further advance the role and opportunities for women in the bank.

NAB today announced a new set of targets for the number of women in its senior leader population, subsidiary boards and talent pipeline – which includes graduates and employees on talent development programs.

Specifically, the targets announced by NAB today will:

  • Increase the number of women in senior ranks (the top three layers of the organisation) from 23% to 33% by 2015.
  • Increase the proportion of subsidiary board positions held by women from 14% to 30% by 2015 (an additional 55 female directorships).
  • Strengthen the talent pipeline by creating a 50/50 gender balance in the graduate program intake and ensuring even representation of both women and men on core talent development programs from 2011 onwards.

"We are particularly pleased to be announcing these important targets today on the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day.

"Fifty-five percent of NAB's workforce is women, yet women currently only make up twenty-eight percent of senior management. While this is ahead of the industry average and we're making some good progress, we still have much more to do," said Cameron.

"Targets are important but it is also critical that we put in place a clear plan and the right support and programs to ensure we achieve them.

"It's critical our workforce reflects the customers we support and the communities we live in. It's good for our employees and good for the business. It helps us to attract and retain the best people, deliver innovative business solutions and respond more effectively to our customers needs," said Cameron.

Other NAB facts

NAB has implemented a range of initiatives to help support women in the workplace – including programs specifically aimed at getting more women into senior roles – such as:

  • Implementation of best-practice recruitment procedures that require a mix of males and females to be short-listed for all senior roles, and that both women and men make hiring decisions together.
  • A leadership program focused on unconscious bias and its impact on individual and group decision making.
  • Board Ready – a program which helps to prepare aspiring and senior women for potential directorship.
  • Realise – a program which prepares females for the transition into senior management roles.
  • reConnect – a program which enables employees on parental and other extended leave to stay connected with the business and their colleagues. (NAB's return to work rate of employees on parental leave has increased from 65% in 2006 to over 81% currently).
  • Flexible working options such as job sharing, compressed working weeks and telecommuting.
  • Twelve weeks paid parental leave for primary carers and two weeks for the secondary carers.
  • Up to 40 weeks of superannuation contributions at 10% during unpaid parental leave.
  • Childcare centres at both major office sites in Sydney and another in Melbourne, and partnerships with numerous other suppliers located near many of our offices.
  • The Family Day Care Grant Program - which is designed to improve access to childcare for all NAB employees, including those in rural and regional Australia.

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