NAB recognised as Best Employer for Workers Over 50

Thursday 7 September 2011

National Australia Bank (NAB) has been awarded the 'Best Employer for Workers Over 50 Award - International' by AARP.

AARP is a US-based not-for-profit association with 37 million members, and is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people as they age.

The 'AARP Best Employers for Workers Over 50 Award–International' recognises non-US-based employers whose innovative workforce and/or human resource practices address issues relevant to workers over 50 and create roadmaps for the workplace of tomorrow.

AARP selects international companies that have demonstrated the most positive workplace policies for their older workers.

NAB Group EGM Human Capital, Colleen Harris, said that she was very proud of this recognition as it cements NAB's place among the world's best in innovative and exemplary recruitment, retention and promotion practices for older workers.

"It's wonderful that NAB's commitment to workers over 50 has been recognised by an international organisation like AARP.

"Mature age workers are valuable employees whose knowledge, skills, experience and relationships we aim to retain in our organisation for as long as possible.

"Companies like NAB that are proactive in retaining experienced and talented employees will be best set up to deliver innovative business solutions, and to reflect and respond to customers' needs," said Colleen.

NAB has recently rolled out MyFuture, a best practice program designed to assist mature age employees and their managers make informed decisions about their future – whether it is career redirection, retirement, or a change of pace.

MyFuture complements other initiatives implemented by NAB over the past year, including provisions in our Enterprise Agreement enabling mature age employees to change their working arrangements without financial penalty, and provides flexibility in when, where and how work is delivered – for example, salary averaging options, job sharing and compressed working weeks.

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NAB facts

NAB has implemented a range of initiatives to help support older workers in the workplace, such as:

  • a program called MyFuture, which provides older workers and their managers with the capabilities to make informed decisions and plan for the future – whether it is career redirection, a change of pace, or retirement;
  • a leadership program focused on unconscious bias and its impact on individual and group decision making;
  • flexible working options such as salary averaging options, job sharing, compressed working weeks and telecommuting;
  • a diversity clause in their Preferred Supplier Service Agreement requiring, from January 2012, NAB's preferred external recruitment agencies to demonstrate that they comply with NAB's Diversity and Inclusion Policy, have a written diversity policy/framework for their business, and undertake appropriate diversity training for their people; and
  • provisions in their Enterprise Agreement for older workers who want to change their working arrangements to suit their lifestyle changes without financial penalty. For example, the ability to freeze accrued long-service leave entitlements at the higher pay rate when taking on a role at a lower salary or reduced working hours.