UBank now lives on NAB's cutting edge banking platform

27 August 2011

UBank's 300,000 customers can expect a quicker and more simplified banking experience after being successfully migrated on to NAB’s new banking platform.

Users can now customise their view of the UBank website and take advantage of a range of new features, such as calculators and funds trackers, and an easily-navigated design. The system also enables the real time processing of funds between UBank accounts.

The new platform integrates three software layers - back-end, core and customer-facing websites - and is part of the long-term overhaul of NAB's technology systems.

"The migration of UBank customers to NAB's new platform is an important milestone in our multi-year plan to create more choice for customers to bank wherever, whenever and however they want," said Gavin Slater, NAB Group Executive, Group Business Services.

While UBank customers will see an improved site, sitting behind it are new tools and simplified processes for staff to allow greater service, along with overall improvements in speed and flexibility. It also marries with NAB’s new Virtual Contact Centre software*, further enhancing customer experiences due to shorter wait times and ease of use for staff.

"Our work focuses on both what customers see and what they don’t see, reducing complexity and creating more satisfied customers via innovation and better technology to support it," Mr Slater said.

Alex Twigg, General Manager UBank, said; “Almost four years since we launched, UBank has stepped up our customer offer yet again. Initial feedback has been positive, with our new banking system and website the beginning of much more to come."

Co-developing the new platform with Oracle, NAB is partnering with global IT partners for all major transformation activity in a concerted effort to shift from bespoke technology. Customers benefit from a worldwide community of specialists focussed on continuously improving systems.

NAB is a third of the way through upgrading and building new networks, data centres, and software as part of one cohesive agenda. Concurrently, ongoing success continues in strengthening resilience and security. The program reaches across the bank, improving customer experiences and decommissioning old legacy systems.

* Note - Virtual Contact Centre Software

NAB recently completed implementation of its Virtual Contact Centre (VCC) platform to move from nine hardwired, phone-based networks to a completely web-based, virtualised system – the first time this infrastructure had been introduced on this scale in Australia. UBank has also utilised the system.

This new platform means shorter wait times, increased capability to resolve customer enquiries on the spot and a 30% savings in operating costs each year.

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