NAB launches campaign: 'Small business. We see you.'

April 11 2013

National Australia Bank (NAB) has launched its first national multimillion dollar marketing campaign in support of Australia’s critical small business sector.

The campaign is positioned around NAB’s understanding of Australia’s diverse small business sector, and reflects the reasons entrepreneurs start and run their own business.

NAB General Manager, Business and Wholesale Banking Marketing, Caroline Ralphsmith, said the campaign celebrates the passion, courage and diversity of Australia’s small businesses and their owners.

“We understand the commitment and passion it takes for people to start and manage their business, whether they’re following in their family’s footsteps or starting a business of their own,” she said.

“Often starting as sole traders, small business owners are the heart of their business, they live and breathe it. The campaign aims to capture this passion – for small business owners it’s more than a job; it’s their livelihood and often their identity”.

The campaign also acknowledges the strong connection between small business owners' business and personal lives which are often intertwined along with their finances. Unlike any other bank, NAB’s Business Bankers are able to look after both.

The campaign commenced with a television commercial called ‘I like your office” during the opening match of the AFL season, which will be followed by another two commercials shown through the eyes of small business owners.

The campaign was developed in conjunction with creative agency, The Bridge, and will extend across a number of channels including television, online, print, radio and social media for the remainder of the year.

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