NAB’s four digit PIN technology has saved customers 20 years of logon time

25 June 2013

NAB’s time-saving four digit PIN technology has made banking simpler and easier for customers and is now available to access banking services by telephone.

NAB has extended its four digit PIN technology to telephone banking after it saved customers 20 years of collective logon time with the pass code feature mobile banking.

Previously customers contacting NAB by phone for banking services could choose a PIN between six to eight digits in length, but can now choose from four to eight, which will save customers time and allow them to access their money more simply.

NAB Executive General Manager, Digital and Direct Banking Antony Cahill said the greater range of PIN selection had already proved popular with more than half the 27,671 customers who changed their PIN having selected a four or five digit option in recent weeks.

“These days, people have many different accounts across a range of devices and we want to help simplify their banking without compromising their security,” he said.

“This new PIN range will make it easier for customers to select a PIN they can remember and will also save them time when they bank on the phone. It’s similar to the way we saved customers time through the four digit pass code feature on our mobile banking app.”

Customers using a PIN to identify themselves when banking by telephone will save up to two minutes on every call compared to manual authentication where they have to answer a number of questions to confirm their identity.

NAB customers have saved more than 20 years of collective logon time since NAB introduced its four digit pass code feature for the iPhone mobile banking app in March 2012.

Only 15 per cent of customers logging into mobile banking were using the pass code feature when it was launched in March 2012, but that figure has skyrocketed since with 48 per cent now utilising the time-saving technology.

The time saved is equivalent to the time it took to build the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco (4 years), the Sydney Harbour Bridge (8 years), the Eiffel Tower in Paris (2 years) and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is the world’s tallest building (6 years).

Pass code allows customers to select a four-digit number to login to internet banking through the mobile app and has wiped 12 seconds from the time of an average login.

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