NAB encourages safe online shopping

Tuesday, December 17 2013

NAB General Manager Financial Crime Services Kirk Kantzipas has encouraged Australians to take the time to update their security software, passwords and operating systems if they are online shopping this Christmas period.

“Online shopping is a very convenient and popular way to get things organised – but doing it without the proper passwords and software is like walking into a department store and leaving your wallet or purse on the counter while you look around.”

The advice comes as Australia reaches an annual shopping peak, and following the release of new figures from the Australian Payments Clearing Association.

Kantzipas says NAB’s security systems work around the clock to prevent customers falling prey to this kind of behaviour.

“NAB has a real-time fraud detection system working 24/7 to keep our customers safe.

“If we spot suspicious activity we shut it down and contact our customer – NAB refunds 100% in cases of fraud where it is clear customers didn't contribute to the loss.”

Add NAB’s top tips to your shopping list:

  • You keep an eye on money in your wallet so do the same for your accounts online.
  • Love your phone? So do criminals. Treat it like a wallet.
  • Update, update, update – anti-virus software, operating system and passwords.
  • If you have too many passwords, passcodes and passphrases to keep track of you can use password safes
  • Know who you’re buying from – make sure you’re on the right site

Further information:

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