Harvard Women in Business tour to visit NAB

13 January 2014

NAB will this week host Harvard’s largest undergraduate business organisation on the group’s first visit to Australia.

Harvard University Undergraduates will spend time at NAB’s Sydney offices this week, as part of the group’s first international tour. The Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business Group is the University’s largest undergraduate business organisation.

The knowledge sharing exercise will see seminars on the finance sector, management practice, and diversity within corporations.

Meredith Angwin, General Manager Projects and Change at NAB, said the visit was an excellent study opportunity and formed part of the broader diversity and inclusion agenda at NAB.

“The tour is a two-way learning event between NAB and a group of very talented young women representing one of the world’s most renowned universities,” said Ms Angwin.

"NAB is at the forefront of Australian business in addressing gender imbalance - because we believe a diverse workforce delivers better commercial outcomes.

NAB is the only major bank to:

  • undertake a gender pay equity audit to investigate possible causes or barriers to equal pay
  • introduce a Domestic Violence Support Policy, which ensures victims have workplace support and continued financial independence

This is in addition to a range of leading programs to support women in career development and access to flexibility in the workplace.

"This partnership will enable us to share our experiences with future business leaders in the United States, and to access the latest academic thinking on these critical issues," continued Ms Angwin.

“It’s a great opportunity to exchange ideas, and to provide an introduction to NAB, our customer focus and fair value agenda.”

The Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business group offers the opportunity for undergraduate women to expand their knowledge of business opportunities, giving them the skills they will need to become future leaders across different industries and professions.

This is the first international visit by the Group, with previous tours focusing on US companies, including The New York Times, Facebook, and Fox News.

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