NAB statement regarding Australian Federal Police and ASIC investigation

9 May 2014

NAB has terminated the employment of a 26-year-old Melbourne employee who was arrested and charged as a result of an investigation by Australian Federal Police and ASIC.

NAB can confirm the charges do not relate to the former employee's work at NAB. No NAB money or no NAB customer money is involved. No NAB systems have been involved in any trading and no other NAB employee is involved.

NAB has fully co-operated with the authorities throughout this investigation.

“While I can’t talk about the details of the charges, I can say that the activity alleged by authorities is unlawful and completely unacceptable to NAB and our core values of doing the right thing by our customers, our shareholders and our staff,” NAB Group CEO Cameron Clyne said.

“NAB has a strict Code of Conduct that all employees must adhere to as part of their employment and if NAB is aware that any employee has acted contrary to its Code of Conduct, we will take appropriate action.”

In a note to all NAB staff, Mr Clyne encouraged employees to report any behaviour they believe is not right or contrary to NAB’s Code of Conduct to their manager, through NAB’s Confidential Alert Line or to the appropriate authority.

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Brian Walsh

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