All of our sponsorships adhere to our key sponsorship guidelines. Please note we are not currently reviewing any new sponsorship proposals.

The following sponsorship guidelines outline NAB’s guiding principles that must be adhered to at all times when considering new or renewing sponsorship opportunities. A number of mandatory elements and key considerations are also highlighted.

The NAB Group will only pursue sponsorship opportunities that clearly enhance the organisation by delivering the following outcomes:

  • Deliver strong engagement opportunities, enabling the NAB Group to connect with its staff, customers and the community in a meaningful and relevant way that would not be possible without the sponsorship.
  • Positively enhance the NAB brand and reputation by demonstrating core brand values.
  • Provide commercial opportunities to drive business outcomes.

Organisations/activities which will not be considered for sponsorship by the NAB Group include those that:

  • may be construed as discriminatory
  • could be detrimental to public health or safety
  • promote or encourage smoking, alcohol or any substance abuse
  • promote gambling
  • may present a reputation risk
  • support an individual that is not aligned to a wider business objective
  • have an alignment to political or religious groups
  • conflict with any NAB Group key flagship properties, including the AFL, AMF, FFA, Tennis Australia and the Corporate Responsibility partnerships
  • duplicate existing sponsorships or involve financial competitors
  • represent a donation; whereby NAB does not receive contracted benefits in exchange for the funds.

Mandatory requirements

In order to be considered, there are a number of mandatory elements that must be addressed when applying for sponsorship:

  • Clearly demonstrate how the sponsorship aligns to the NAB Group values.
  • Provide a list of the key contractual benefits NAB will receive via the sponsorship.
  • Provide an overview of the organisation’s background, values, purpose, operating methods and detail other supporters.
  • Confirmation that the NAB Group will be the only financial services company associated with the organisation/event/program.
  • Detail how the success of the sponsorship will be measured following key executions/events.

Key considerations

The following questions are indicative of those NAB considers when evaluating sponsorship proposals:

  • Is the activity a once-off or annual?
  • Can NAB staff become involved, and if so, how?
  • Are there opportunities to engage with our customers and/or the community? (ie. via hospitality, entertainment, an event kiosk or activation, general involvement).
  • Are there any commercial opportunities presented via this partnership?
  • Which media partners have been confirmed and what is the expected media exposure?
  • Will there be national exposure as a result of the activity?
  • Does the organisation/event complement our existing sponsor partnerships?
  • What is the reach of the sponsorship—how many people see, attend or are involved?
  • What is the maximum number of sponsors who could be involved and what are the levels/hierarchy?
  • Has any research been undertaken to help define the target market and/or the acceptance of sponsors?
  • Can we leverage the partnership across other companies within the National Group?
  • What is the proposed cost of the proposal and any payment schedule?
  • How will the sponsorship funds provided by NAB predominantly be utilised?
  • How long has the organisation been in operation? What is its history and long-term goals?
  • How will the organisation manage the partnership? Will there be an Account Manager who is answerable for results?