Meet Briony

Name: Briony Boath

Your role: Business Banking Manager, nabHealth Brisbane City

Region: Brisbane, Queensland

What’s your story?

I was born in New Zealand but lived in Papua New Guinea and Scotland prior to arriving in Australia. Moving around and being introduced to new situations and cultures has been really important to my career at NAB which started in 2009. I never imagined I would be in banking when I finished university but a family friend recommended it when I arrived back in Australia after backpacking and it has proved to be a really good fit.

How have you made a difference?

From the very start I have loved being a part of NAB Health and watching how both our team and department have grown. It has also been really rewarding to build relationships with my clients and assist them through each phase of their lives – their first job, getting married, having children, building a home or starting a new business. I always feel really excited to see them achieve and take pride in the fact that I have been part of their journey.

What are you passionate about?

When I am not working I love to be outdoors – running, swimming or cycling…anything really. Health is such a big part of maximising our enjoyment of life and I want to make sure I always take time out to focus on it where possible and incorporate it into my daily activities – I am definitely a happier person as a result. When I am not working I love to travel and go to different places that aren’t the usual tourist traps. So far, I have ticked a few off the list but it is a good motivator to work harder.

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