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There’s a customer in our purpose video, her name is Marge. She’s banked with NAB all her life, as did her parents.

Marge is now 70, but her story starts in the early 1960s when as a high school student she sat down with the school career counsellor and shared her dream to be an architect. Marge wanted to design and build houses that people would live in.

Her parents encouraged her, saying “You can do anything you put your mind to”.

However the counsellor told her that architecture was not a career for a lady and she should consider something more appropriate, like teaching or nursing.

Not one to be easily deterred, Marge redoubled her efforts with her school work and two years later she graduated with the grades needed to win a scholarship to Sydney University, where she was one of only a handful of women studying architecture.

Marge did very well at university, graduating in 1967, while at the same time meeting her husband, getting married and having her first son on the day of her final exam!

But then the next hurdle was presented. Interviewing for roles at the architecture firms around town proved fruitless, as none were willing to take on a new mum and new graduate as an entry level employee. She was demoralised.

But two men were prepared to be bold and to back an unproven architect - Marge’s father and his best friend, Australian author, the late Jon Cleary. Jon and Marge’s father had met when working for the Australian Government in the Trade Department. Many years earlier they had hatched a plan to save up and together buy block of land in Sydney, where they would build their dream house as a dual occupancy dwelling overlooking the harbour.

In the late sixties they put their plan into action, buying that block of land and then commissioning Marge to design their dream home. Her first ever real project!

That project gave Marge the start she needed, and 50 years later she still runs her own architectural design services business on Sydney’s North Shore with 18 projects on the go. Marge never once advertised. All her business is referred by word of mouth and she often has to turn work away with too many projects on the go.

NAB helped finance that first project for her father and best friend to build that house, as well as being the only bank for both Marge’s small business (EMIAT), as well as servicing all her personal banking needs.

And I know all of this as Marge is my mum.

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