Meet Faro

Name: Faro Mok

Your role: Pricing Manager, NAB Asset Management

Region: Sydney, New South Wales

What’s your story?

Having enjoyed maths and being fascinated by financial markets as a child, I studied Actuarial Studies at university. My story started when I was accepted into the NAB Wholesale Banking Graduate Program, where I immediately got first-hand experience of life on the derivatives trading desk. More than 13 years later and having worked in numerous roles in the Asset Management Division of NAB Wealth, I found my way back into the traditional actuarial practice of product pricing, which involves constant decision making and judgement in achieving equity and fairness between groups of stakeholders (for example, customers and shareholders).

The other remarkable aspect of my story at NAB was a pure coincidence. Joining the Graduate Program meant that I had to move to Melbourne for a brief period of time, which was a valuable experience as being away from home helped me gain my independence. I now travel to Melbourne frequently due to added responsibilities. Between these points in time, the Docklands area went from having only one significant building (NAB office at 800 Bourke Street) to almost being a city in its own right.

How have you made a difference?

Working in Superannuation and Investments is a privileged and noble undertaking, as we are entrusted with the financial wellbeing of our customers in the long-term. Our customers’ nest eggs grow over the long-term, which means consistent focus and dedication by NAB people is needed. Practical problem solving and dealing with complex issues is all in a typical day’s work. Every day I try to bring a can-do attitude and a desire to add value to all my work and the interactions that I have with our customers, my colleagues and other stakeholders.

To me, success is not just a handful of career highlights, it is about what you have done for other people – from there the benefits will multiply! Launching a new product and winning a new tender is very important, but it is just as important getting every day processes right and continually striving to make improvements. Helping my colleagues with their confidence and capabilities is also very important to me.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about ensuring that the interests of all stakeholder groups are adequately considered and balanced in all business decisions – big or small. I am also passionate about doing what I can to realise the potential of all of the great people around me at NAB, whether they be our customers or my colleagues.

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