Meet James

Name: James Fulton-Kennedy

Your role: Financial Planner

Region: Southport and Burleigh Waters, Queensland

What’s your story?

I attended primary school in Hong Kong and South Korea before moving to Toowoomba, Australia, for high school. I then moved to the Gold Coast for University and also studied abroad in San Diego. I worked for a boutique finance firm for 12 months after completing my studies, and then was given the opportunity to join NAB.

How have you made a difference?

I was referred a customer who at age 30 had been told he could never work again due to a brain infection. Prior to this he had been a healthy and active man with no dependants or debt and had never considered personal insurances. We were able to look through his existing superannuation funds and find that he had default cover for Total and Permanent Disability. From there, we worked together on an investment strategy that would see this money grow for him over the long term. The customer was very grateful and now feels he has a much brighter future.

What are you passionate about?

I ran a successful personal training business during my studies and have always enjoyed helping people achieving their goals. Financial planning was a natural step for me as it allows me to really make a difference in my customer’s lives, while utilising my studies. Ultimately I enjoy empowering individuals to give them confidence in their future.

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