Meet Kevin

Name: Kevin Littlejohn

Your role: Engineering Manager

Region: Docklands, Victoria

What’s your story?

I started in the Internet industry back in 1990 in Perth, when ISPs in Australia were just getting going, as a systems administrator. I moved from there to Melbourne to work for larger companies, and then ran my own company for 12 years building billing software for voice and data companies here and overseas. After selling the business, I went back into consulting, and then to technology start-ups built on Amazon Web Services, and then to NAB. I’m proud to be an Amazon Web Services Develop Warrior, and am currently part of a team building out a platform for NAB to get to Cloud – supporting one of the largest technology transformations in Australia.

How have you made a difference?

I came to NAB to lead a team of 15 developer practitioners that were mostly dealing with on-demand environment support. I grew that to over 30 people, predominantly Amazon Web Services cloud engineers, and championed work they were doing to uplift our non-production environments to cloud technology. That work has rolled over into per-service teams seeding cloud capabilities into the wider development community, and a team building out an ‘easy path’ to cloud, supporting all 3,000+ developers in NAB in getting to cloud easily with appropriate oversight/security built in. I’m also intensely proud of the fact that we moved the team back toward 50% male/female diversity, and the “DevOps Girls” meet-ups have started out of that team – now a fixture on the Melbourne DevOps calendar. Finally, the “NAB Cloud Guild”, which my team has been involved in creating and building is providing training uplift to anyone that wants it – an incredibly positive thing to see our organisation commit to.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about the ways we work with technology and the way we scale to achieve large things while still providing autonomy and inspiring, challenging work for ourselves. I’m passionate about building diverse work environments where people can come together over really interesting work and continually learn off each other. And I’m passionate about my family – my wife and two boys, who mean the world to me.

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