Meet Laura

Name: Laura Baker

Your role: Consultant, Social Innovation

Region: Docklands, Victoria

What’s your story?

I grew up in country Victoria in a small town called Euroa. Although the population of Euroa has less people than some of the NAB buildings, it was a ripper place to grow up! I came to NAB through the Graduate program after studying Commerce (Marketing)/Arts (Japanese).

How have you made a difference?

I am a big believer that the role of business is ultimately to make society stronger. I spend a lot of time learning about how business can deliver social good and working with Not-For-Profits to understand social challenges at a local level. My role at NAB has enabled me to develop skilled volunteering opportunities for employees to help a Not-For-Profit solve a current challenge using business problem solving methods. I am also involved in advocating for and developing financial products and services that empower customers to act on climate change, which has been an absolute dream to champion!

What are you passionate about?

I love spending time with my family, having a laugh as well as talking about the big issues. My parents inspired me from an early age to understand the role we can play to make society better. I also love reading and talking a lot about philosophy to keep learning and challenging my mindset.

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