Meet Yun

Name: Yun Chian Lai

Your role: Senior Business Analyst, PLUM Corporate Super Data Program

Region: Sydney, New South Wales

What’s your story?

Born in Malaysia and migrated to Australia when I was about five years old (1990). I enjoy and feel the greatest push when faced with complex and unfamiliar problems. I’ve always been a curious person and often found myself with complex problems that pushed me to learn more and felt the highest satisfaction when I could fix it. Before starting at NAB in 2011, I worked in the family business selling and operating a payment system for a few years in the Taxi industry.

How have you made a difference?

During the End of Financial Year I recognised that changing the way my team worked was going to deliver a better outcome. With the support of my leader, I changed the frequency and process in which 160 different reports were run. The change in the way we worked meant we were in a far more stable position with less stress and happier mindsets. I am a firm believer in being happy at work because it enables you to do a great job.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about relaxing, which usually includes food, fishing and good company. I am an avid foodie so I often celebrate with good friends at different dining venues. To counter my food adventures, I work-out at the gym, play squash, do some boxing, run and hike. I find my relaxing go-to activity is fishing at either a beach, park or on the rocks with a nice picnic. It’s serene and quiet so that you can enjoy the cool gentle breeze or the nice warming sun if the weather is good.

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