Understanding updated fee descriptions

Our fee descriptions are changing for the better

When you receive your transaction account statement from NAB, you may see a Transaction Summary table. This lists the number of transactions you have made, and the associated cost.

We’ve received feedback from many customers, and we’re taking it on-board. Our customers have told us these transaction descriptions are sometimes difficult to understand, or they use out dated banking language to describe what they are. From February 2017, you will see updated fee descriptions in the Transaction Summary table on your statement. These descriptions will be simpler, more straight-forward and easier to understand.

Please Note: If you receive a separate statement containing your fee details, your fee descriptions will remain unchanged.

None of the fee amounts have changed. The only difference is that the fee descriptions have changed as follows:

Previous Description New Fee Description

Agency Cr Fee

Agency Deposit


NAB ATM Deposit


NAB ATM Withdrawal

ATM Items

NAB ATM Chqs Deposited

Branch Withdrawal

Banker Assisted Withdrawal


EFTPOS Transaction


EFTPOS Transaction

Express Bus. Dep. Cr

Express Business Dep. (EBD)

Express Bus. Dep. Items

EBD Cheque Count

Express Cheque Cr

Express Cheque Deposit

Express Cheque Items

Express Cheque Dep. Count

Internet Multiple Funds Transfer

Multiple Funds Transfer

Items Lodged

Cheques Deposited

Multi Funds Transfer

Multiple Funds Transfer

NAB ATM Deposit Items

NAB ATM Chqs Deposited

Other Credits


Other Debits 

Other Withdrawal

Over The Counter Agency Cr

Banker Assisted Agency Dep.

Over The Counter Cr

Banker Assisted Deposit

Over The Counter Deposit

Banker Assisted Deposit

Over The Counter Dr

Banker Assisted Withdrawal

Over The Counter Items

Banker Assisted Cheque Count

Paper Cr


Paper Debits


Paper Dr


Paperless Cr

Electronic Deposit

Paperless Dr

Electronic Withdrawal

Need more information on fees and charges? Visit our business rates, fees and charges page for up-to-date information.

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