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Foreign Exchange

Why transfer in Great British Pounds?

Quick and easy

Sending Australian dollars to the United Kingdom  can be a slow and complicated process. It’s quick and easy to convert to Great British Pounds (GBP) so that payments arrive in local currency.

Can be cheaper

Take advantage of our preferential foreign exchange rates by converting to GBP before you send.

How do I transfer in Great British Pounds?

Simply select GBP when making your payment. For detailed  instructions see  our NAB Connect Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 790KB)

Like to chat to someone first?

Talk to one of our  foreign exchange specialists about your specific needs. Call 1300 960 355

Foreign Exchange is easy with NAB Connect

We have simple and competitive foreign exchange solutions you can access using NAB Connect. You can also use NAB Connect for international payments, foreign currency accounts and risk management products.

Is it safer to send Australian Dollars?

Not necessarily. You may think there’s no foreign exchange risk when you send Australian dollars to the United Kingdom. However, the currency exchange rate will most likely change by the time the funds arrive in the United Kingdom. This means you could be paying a different amount than required, once it’s converted to GBP by the recipient.

Contact our Dealing Desk on 1300 960 355.

What if my parent company wants Australian Dollars?

Some overseas parent companies ask for profits to be sent in Australian dollars. We recommend you call us first for a quote, because we could save your company money and help the international payment go through faster and smoother.

Contact our Dealing Desk on 1300 960 355.

Need help? Talk to us

As your business grows and your foreign exchange  requirements increase, it’s important to manage your risk. Speak to a foreign exchange specialist to get market insights and strategies to protect your business.  You can also call our wholesale desk to discuss  your  specific overseas payment needs.

Contact our Dealing Desk on 1300 960 355.

Foreign Exchange

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