NAB Invoice Finance File Builder

NAB Invoice Finance File builder is a tool that can help you get the receivables information you need for your Invoice Finance facility. Follow the steps below to download the software.

If you are unsure whether you should download this program please contact your dedicated Account Manager.

Step 1: Print the download and installation instructions

We recommend you:

  1. Close any other applications you have running
  2. Click the File Builder Installation Steps link and print the page
  3. Print this File Builder Installation Download page
  4. Read through both instructions to familiarise yourself with the download and installation steps.

Step 2: Download and save the File Builder Installation file

Download time will depend on your Internet connection speed.

  1. Click on the Download button.
  2. The File Download Security Warning window appears. Select Save.
  3. The Save As window appears. Select the folder where you would like to save the file on your computer and remember or write down this location.
  4. Click Save to start downloading the installation file.

File download : NAB_IFWizard_Setup.msi (5.9MB)

Step 3: Run the File Builder Installation File

  1. Locate the NAB_IFWizard_Setup.msi file on your computer (in the folder where you saved it in Step 2)
  2. Follow the File Builder installation steps from the link in Step 1.

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