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Here are some tips on how to protect your EFTPOS terminals:

1. Make sure that your terminals are kept at a secure location, i.e. not easily accessible by customers or strangers.

2. Ensure your terminal is under supervision at all times

3. Lock the EFTPOS screen if you need to be away from the register area.

4. Ensure that only authorised employees have access to your terminals

5. Ensure your terminals are securely locked and not visible for theft during non-operating hours

6. Avoid having security cameras at locations which can capture you entering passwords and customer card details.

7. Check your terminals periodically to ensure that the terminal hasn’t been tempered with and components stay intact and remain unbroken.

8. Check your premise and surrounding periodically to ensure there’s no new or unknown items of electronic equipment connected to/close the EFTPOS terminal, e.g. hidden cameras, card skimming devices, etc

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