Modify a payment

You can modify bill payments with a status of future dated or periodic prior to the cut-off time on the payment date.
Note: You cannot amend a payee linked to a future dated or periodic payment. If you want to change who is to be paid, you must cancel the payment and create a new payment for the new payee.

How to modify a payment

  1. To modify a payment from:
    outside the bill payment service roll your cursor over bill payment on the main menu and select Payment list from the drop down list

    within the bill payment service

    click the Payment list sub-menu option

  2. Choose from the following options:
    If you... Then...
    know which account the payment was from select the account from the Select account drop down list 
    do not know which account the payment was from select All accounts from the Select account drop down list 
    A summary of each payment initiated from the selected account/s will display by date order (most recent at the top). You can page through this list.
    Note: A blank list is displayed if no payments have been made from the selected account in the last 90 days.
  3. Click Modify in the Action column to amend the corresponding payment.
    The Modify payment screen displays. You can also click the payment date of any future dated or periodic payment to view its details before making any changes.
     Choose from the following options:
  4. To change the... You need to...
    account you are transferring funds from select another From account
    biller you are paying click Cancel and create a new bill payment
    Customer reference number or amount overwrite the text in these fields with the correct information
    one off payment date select a new one off payment date
    periodic payment dates select a new schedule

  5. Click  Next.
    The Modify bill payment - confirmation screen displays.
  6. Check the payment details are correct.
     Choose from the following options:
  7. If the details are... then...
    correct and require password  authorisation
    1. authorise the bill payment by entering your password in the Internet Banking password field
    2. go to step 8  
    correct and require SMS security  authorisation
    1. receive the corresponding SMS code to your mobile phone
    2. authorise the bill payment by entering the SMS code in the SMS code field
    3. go to step 8

  8. Click Submit. 
    The Modify bill payment - bank acknowledgement screen displays.
    Alternatively, click:
    • Cancel to cancel your payment
    • Modify to go back and amend some details
    • print to obtain a record of your instruction to NAB.