Change your contact details

The contact details recorded in Internet banking represent your residential mailing address. You can update your contact details or your email address at any time from within NAB Internet Banking if you are registered for SMS Security or BPAY ViewTM. If you wish to change your primary mailing address, please contact 13 22 65 or visit your local branch.

How to change your contact details

  1. To change your contact details from:

    outside the Settings/Mailbox service roll your cursor over Settings/Mailbox on the main menu and select My details
    within the Settings/Mailbox service click the My details sub-menu option

  2. View and update your contact details.

Note: Customers who are not registered for SMS Security will only be able to update their Preferred name and Online Communications details

  1. Click Update.

    If you... Then...
    are registered for SMS Security
    1. Confirm the details are correct and enter the SMS code you receive on your mobile phone into the SMS code field
    2. click Submit
    are not registered for SMS Security Your details will be updated successfully

Note: Contact details are able to be updated between 7am and 10pm daily

TM BPAY View is registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518