Register for SMS security

Registration is available to all NAB Internet Banking customers.

You can register:

  • immediately via Internet Banking (refer steps below)
  • during the NAB Internet Banking registration process (only available if you have previously provided your mobile phone and/or landline number)
  • by calling the NAB Internet Banking Support Team to register your mobile phone number
    Note: Only one phone number can be registered per NAB ID. Once you have registered you will receive a welcome SMS message to your mobile phone and a confirmation message within Internet Banking.

How to register for SMS Security

  1. To register for SMS Security from:
    outside the Settings/Mailbox service roll your cursor over Settings/Mailbox on the main menu and select Security & password from the drop down list

    within the Settings/Mailbox service

    click on the Security & password sub-menu option

  2. Click Register.
  3. Choose to set up SMS Security with either your mobile phone, home or work number and click on Next.
    Note: If the mobile number needs to be changed, contact the NAB Internet Banking Support Team.
  4. Enter the code sent directly to your phone into the SMS code field.
  5. Optional step: Select the I do not wish to receive SMS messages from NAB via this mobile phone number... checkbox if you wish.
  6. Click Continue.
    The Congratulations you have sucessfully registered for SMS Security message will display.
  7. Click Return to security info.