Insurance policy changes

Some more information about the changes that have been made to these insurance policy booklets:

What has changed?

NAB and our insurance provider QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited ABN 78 003 191 035 have refreshed the policy booklets with the aim of making them clearer and easier to navigate.
There are some particular things to note:

  • The policy numbers have changed and are clearly set out in each booklet.
  • There’s a new layout intended to more clearly set out eligibility criteria for each cover, what’s covered, what’s not covered, any conditions that apply to the cover, the period of the cover, and simple schedule of benefits tables.
  • The language has been tidied up to make things clearer for you.
  • The ‘Claims’ section sets out all the things you need to know about making a claim.

What is staying the same?

It’s important to know that you are covered by QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited for all things that you were covered for under the previous policy booklets. You’re still offered at least the same amount of coverage and you’re still able to reach out to QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited if you’d like to discuss insurance coverage or anything else about the content of your new policy booklet.

For more information or to make a claim

Please take the time to read through your policy booklet and if you have any questions or need more information, or to make a claim, please contact QBE:

Within Australia: 1800 187 025 (Toll free)
(Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm AEST)
Outside of Australia:
+61 2 8862 8805 (Not toll free)
Enquiries email:
Claims email:
Claims postal address:
P.O. Box 12090
Melbourne VIC 8006

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