With NAB for Amazon Alexa find out your account balances, how much is owing on your loans and credit card, or if you’ve received that payment you’ve been waiting for your friend to send. NAB for Amazon Alexa works across transaction and savings accounts, credit cards, personal loans and home loans through your Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled devices.

Get started

  • Step 1

    Enable NAB Skill

    Open the Alexa app or visit Amazon to enable NAB Skill.

  • Step 2

    Link your account

    Link your NAB accounts to Alexa. You’ll need your NAB app handy.

  • Step 3

    Say "Alexa, open NAB"

    When asked, you’ll need to say the four digit code you created when you enabled the NAB Skill.

  • Step 4

    Ask your questions

    Ask your question, like "what’s my account balance?" See more examples below.

What you can ask

"What's my account balance?"

"What's my savings account balance?"

"How much do I owe?"

"What do I owe on my credit card?"

"Did I get paid this week?"

"Tell me about recent payments into my account."

"When is my credit card statement due?"

NAB skill on Amazon Alexa

Introducing the NAB Skill on Amazon Alexa | View transcript (DOCX, 19KB)

Time Saver

Launch NAB for Amazon Alexa and ask your question at the same time:

"Alexa, ask NAB: What’s my transaction account balance?"

Frequently asked questions

How do I start using NAB for Amazon Alexa?

To start using the NAB Skill for Amazon Alexa, have your NAB app handy.

Enable NAB skill in Alexa

1. From Alexa, search for the NAB Skill in your Amazon Alexa app (From the menu, choose Skills then search for "NAB".)

2. Tap Enable to begin the setup process.

3. Enter your NAB ID (it's the 8-10 digit number you use to log into internet banking) then tap Continue.

Set up Alexa in the NAB app

4. Log in to your NAB app

You’ll be notified that the NAB for Amazon Alexa wants to link to your profile. Tap Continue to proceed with the authorisation.

Now tap The NAB Skill on Amazon Alexa from the list of Data sharing permissions you’ve previously linked your NAB profile to, then tap Authorise.

Helpful hint: If you didn’t receive a notification, choose Profile from the NAB app menu, then Data sharing permissions.

5. Approve access by reviewing and accepting the Terms and Conditions.

6. Create a 4-digit code

Note: To keep your NAB profile as secure as possible, choose a code which is different to your card PIN, NAB app passcode or telephone banking PIN.

Activate the connection in Alexa

7. Return to the Amazon Alexa app (or web browser) and tap Activate to finalising linking your profile.

Now, you’re ready to go! To get started, say, Alexa, open NAB.

Note: Please ensure you first securely link your Alexa enabled device to your NAB profile following the steps listed above before accessing your account information through the NAB skill by saying: “Alexa ask NAB…”.

Why can't I find the NAB skill?

The NAB Skill is supported in Amazon’s Australia/New Zealand region. For details on how to update either your Amazon profile or your device’s country settings, visit Alexa Device Support.

On what Amazon devices can I use the NAB skill?

The NAB skill is available on all Alexa enabled devices available in Amazon’s Australian/New Zealand region. Learn more about Alexa and Alexa-enabled devices and how to manage your device’s country settings.

What accounts can I access through NAB for Amazon Alexa?

Most of the accounts you can access on the NAB app can also be accessed through Alexa – transaction and savings accounts, home and personal loans and credit cards.

Other accounts such as term deposits, portfolio facilities and traveller cards are not currently accessible.

If you have a hidden account in NAB Internet Banking or in the NAB app, it will not be accessible through Alexa.

Can I make payments and transfer money using the NAB skill?

We are working hard to bring you features in the future. You can continue to make payments and transfer money from your NAB app.

I’m experiencing problems while using Alexa, what can I do?

For information on troubleshooting with Amazon Echo Products or Alexa, please visit the Amazon Echo Support Centre.

How can I keep my accounts secure when using Amazon Alexa?

Alexa is a voice service; as such other people in your house may hear her responses to your questions. To keep your accounts safe, you must create a four digit code which you’ll use when accessing the NAB Skill for Amazon Alexa.

As it’s said aloud, it’s important this code is different from your credit and debit card PINs, your telephone banking PIN and your NAB app passcode.

If you don’t use the NAB skill for more than 90 days, your NAB profile will be automatically unlinked from Alexa and you’ll need to re-register.

To do this, go to the Alexa app, find the NAB skill then tap the Disable skill button. Now tap the Enable skill button and go through the steps listed above. You’ll need to have the NAB app handy to complete the process.

What if I forget my code / how do I change my code?

To change your code, you must reconnect your Alexa and NAB profiles. Go to the Amazon Alexa app, find the NAB skill then tap the Disable skill button. Now tap the Enable skill button and when prompted, use your NAB app to go through the steps to re-accept the terms and conditions and set a new code.

How do I stop using NAB for Amazon Alexa?

If you no longer want to use NAB skill, log into the Amazon Alexa app, find the NAB skill and tap the Disable skill button.

If you’re unable to do this, you can disconnect your NAB profile from Alexa by logging into the NAB app then select Profile from the menu and then select Data sharing permissions. Then select The NAB Skill on Amazon Alexa and then tap Remove Access.

What happens to my personal information when I use NAB for Amazon Alexa?

Any questions you ask or anything you say to Alexa, and anything Alexa says back to you may be stored by Amazon. Amazon provides information about this at these pages:

We’ve designed the NAB skill to ensure no sensitive data is exchanged between you and Alexa, such as your NAB ID, password, date of birth, bank account numbers, etc.

Information about we handle your personal information is included in our Privacy Policy.

I cannot find T's & C's on NAB mobile app to accept during Alexa registration

To accept terms and conditions, log into the NAB app and then select Profile from the menu, and then select Data sharing permissions.

If the registration has been initiated from the Alexa app/website, there will be an option The NAB Skill on Amazon Alexa. The T's & C's can be accessed through this option to complete the registration process.

My NAB mobile app crashes while accepting T's & C's for Alexa

There is a known issue on Andriod 8.0.0. Users will not be able to access NAB skill on Alexa until this is resolved. NAB technology team are working on getting a fix for this issue very soon.


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