Project and Change Management

About Projects and Change Management

Right now, we're undergoing some of the largest changes of any bank in the world, making project and change management one of our most exciting areas to work under. This area provides speciality services through a number of channels, including project delivery capability, change management and governance services. These services provide advice, guidance, and business capability to support the delivery of transformational change.


  • Melbourne

Degrees/majors accepted

  • All degrees

The areas in Projects and Change Management

Project Management

Integrating the efforts of our delivery partners to effectively deliver projects and programs.

Project Analysis

The Project Analysis team makes it simpler for our partners to deliver projects. By providing a trusted and valued service for project delivery.

Enterprise Business Analysis

Provides both Business focussed advisory services and project delivery.

Enterprise Change

Centralised team of change practitioners that support the delivery of project change initiatives and help to ensure that change is received into the business.

Enterprise Portfolio Management Office Operations

Supports our project community in the usage of the recognised project systems and associated processes.

Investment Governance

Plays a key role in providing insights and making recommendations to Sponsors and Investment Committees to support effective project delivery and optimise the performance of the divisional and specialist investment portfolios.

Possible career opportunities for a Projects and Change Management graduate

  • Helping to transform our business through deployment of major projects and change initiatives.
  • Business focussed advisory services and project delivery.
  • Providing insights and making recommendations to Sponsors and Investment Committees.

Graduate career topics

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