One in five Australians has a disability. That's around four million people – or 15% of our working population. We recognise how important it is that our products, our branches and our offices are accessible to everyone.

We've championed a culture of inclusion for some time: we believe it encourages innovation, fresh thinking and an appreciation of difference. Our Accessibility Action Plan builds on this philosophy by supporting our people and customers with disability to realise their potential.

Where we've come from

We're proud of the progress we made in our 2012–2014 Plan. We remain committed to its objectives:

  • To improve access to our premises and financial services.
  • To consider the needs of people with disabilities when we devise our products and services.
  • To increase awareness, knowledge and confidence amongst our people so we can better serve customers with disability.
  • To enable our people with a disability to realise their potential by creating an inclusive and supportive culture.
  • To provide continued support through our community engagement programs.

Where we're headed

Our Accessibility Action Plan 2015–2016 reaffirms our goal to improve accessibility for our people, our customers and our communities. We're in here for the long haul: we're after long-term, sustainable results. We'll do this by:

  • enhancing our customer experience
  • increasing recruitment of people with disability
  • increasing disability awareness initiatives across NAB
  • extending community support through corporate responsibility and sponsorship initiatives.

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Alternative access formats

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