NAB plays an active role in assisting individuals who are marginalised from mainstream finance and banking in accessing fair and affordable financial services. We are delivering a range of safe and affordable personal and business microfinance programs in partnership with the community sector and government.

NAB also plays an important role in fostering a more inclusive society through programs to empower women, support indigenous Australians and African Australians, encourage diversity in our supply chains and promote social inclusion within our organisation.

Learn more about these programs and initiatives below:

We know we can play a big role in helping people on low incomes access basic financial products and increase their financial capability.

We're on a mission to help increase financial access for 1 million low income Australians by 2018.

Our financial hardship team supports customers in financial distress and makes it easier for them to get back on their feet.

Supporting Indigenous Australians to learn by doing and take control of their finances.

We want to build relationships with Indigenous Australians that are based on trust, transparency and creating shared value.

The African Australian Inclusion Program  provides six months paid corporate experience to skilled African Australians.

Start Counting is a behavioural change program that empowers women to build strong money and life habits

Building a diverse and sustainable supply chain and supporting communities through the power of purchasing

A growing field of investment that intentionally creates positive social and environmental impact along with financial return.

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