Start Counting is a behavioural change program that empowers women to build strong money and life habits, benefiting their overall well-being. Organisations can count their female employees into the Start Counting program.

Change the future of the women you work with

Globally, women are an economic force more powerful than India and China combined.1 They are the key financial decision-makers in most households and, in Australia; a female breadwinner is the new normal.

Women have everything it takes to make wise life and financial decisions, but reports continue to show that women trail men in their earnings, savings, superannuation balances, and confidence in making long-term money choices. At current forecasts, many women will end up living in poverty in retirement if things don’t change.2

Introducing Start Counting

Start Counting is a life and money empowerment program, created for women by women to take control of their lives and money. The program is designed to create positive behavioural change and empower women for generations to come.

Start Counting arms your female employees with the knowledge, tools and confidence they need to create a life vision, understand their finances and acquire the tools needed for long-term positive behavioural change. And this empowers them to make wise life and financial decisions that impact their lives, families, workplaces and the world.

It’s not about selling financial products or advice. It’s about empowering women as they transition through their life stages and events.

Join the Movement

Over 400 women from 34 organisations have participated in Start Counting. Is it time to count your organisation in?

“Start Counting offered our participants a unique development opportunity to grow confidence Around life and money, and build crucial networks with other women outside of our business.” KPMG

Watch the video below to hear from the women who have built stronger life and money habits and are empowering themselves and their workforce through Start Counting.

Start Counting

Count your organisation in.

If, like us, you are focused on retaining, rewarding and recognising female talent, demonstrating a commitment to gender diversity and lifting engagement, we encourage you to sponsor your female employees to join the Start Counting program.

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