Risk exists in every aspect of our business and throughout the environments in which we operate. Our capabilities in risk management help us to successfully implement our strategic priorities and develop a resilient and sustainable business that can respond to a constantly changing environment. Read more about our approach to risk management.

We are continuously improving how we incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk into our risk management framework, policies and processes, at both a group and business level.

This is supported by ongoing work to embed ESG risk considerations into our day-to-day decision making and to refine our processes and tools for managing ESG risk, guided by our group-wide principles.

Download a copy of our ESG Risk Principles (PDF, 444KB).

To help our employees better understand ESG risk, we include ESG risk case studies in our annual risk awareness training.

NAB Group has had environmental credit risk assessment policies and processes in place since 1992 and this has been expanded over time to incorporate consideration of social and supply chain risks.

Managing these risks helps protect our business. It is also consistent with our broader corporate responsibility strategy, which includes ensuring that spending and lending decisions consider environmental and social factors.

We're committed to monitoring and managing environmental social and governance risks in our lending

We recognise that we have an opportunity – and an obligation – to be responsible in the way we manage our supply chain.

We promote a culture of respect for human rights in our workforce and in all of our business relationships.

We recognise that environmental challenges such as climate change are major challenges affecting our economy and society.

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