Our approach to corporate responsibility aims to make a positive and sustainable impact in the lives of our customers, people, communities, and on the environment in which we operate. This underpins a strong and sustainable business for our shareholders and creates shared value for stakeholders.

We believe that Corporate Responsibility contributes to stronger relationships with our customers, our people and the broader community. It also reduces risks to our business, protects and enhances our reputation and drives efficiency gains by better use of resources. Through a Shared Value lens, it also generates revenue through opening up new social and environmental market opportunities. We believe this will contribute to sustainable, satisfactory returns for our shareholders

We focus on:

Our approach also ensures that our organisational values are embedded in our everyday decision making and our longer-term planning for the future.

How we do it

  • We deliver great programs that support a more socially and financially inclusive society; we manage our own environmental footprint wisely and we provide products and services that make it easy for our customers to manage their environmental risks and take advantage of new market opportunities.
  • We also manage a robust stakeholder engagement process that ensures we understand the environmental, social and governance issues that are important to our stakeholders and to our business. We focus on deepening our relationships with our stakeholders through formal and informal engagement activities each year to understand what matters most to them and track the prioritisation of these issues over time.
  • We contribute to research and thought-leadership on critical and emerging issues, for example on financial exclusion and creating shared value.
  • We have a corporate responsibility strategy that sets clear objectives, establishes appropriate policies , procedures and this includes measuring and reporting on progress. We embed CR management and reporting into governance structures and internal communications to ensure that corporate responsibility is understood by the Board, Executive Leadership Team and our people.

These activities ensure that Corporate Responsibility is contributing to the delivery of sustainable shareholder returns year on year by understanding and mitigating risks, deepening customer relationships and consistently delivering quality programs and initiatives.

Impact investment has the potential to change the way this country addresses social and environmental issues.

Shared Value is about unlocking opportunities for innovation, growth and revenue by addressing social problems.

We view tax transparency and disclosure as an essential element of good governance.

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