We know that maintaining an open and constructive dialogue and continually engaging with our stakeholders is integral to our success.

Through our engagement, we are able to understand the expectations of the communities we operate within. We can also identify issues and opportunities and in doing so encourage innovation. Ongoing engagement helps us to identify opportunities to improve our business and create new products and services for our customers.

Our key stakeholders are:

  • customers;
  • NAB employees and contractors;
  • investors (shareholders, fund managers and superannuation funds);
  • analysts;
  • industry bodies, associations, regulators and government;
  • suppliers;
  • the broader community including non-government organisations (NGOs) and NAB’s community partners; and
  • the media.

Our approach to stakeholder engagement is set out in our Corporate Responsibility Policy, and is informed by the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard. In all interactions with stakeholders, we are committed to being respectful, responsive, open and authentic in our engagement on issues of mutual importance.

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