This ranges from robust governance and supplier selection processes, to negotiating contracts that we believe are fair and reasonable and ensuring that we recompense suppliers appropriately and within contractual terms and conditions. NAB’s Procurement Policy and Outsourcing Standard act as global reference points for our procurement practices, clearly articulating our approach to procurement and sourcing.

Group Procurement Policy

Our procurement process clearly informs potential suppliers of our expectations, policies and requirements, and outlines our preference to do business with suppliers that have sustainable business practices. Read our Group Procurement Policy.

All supply contracts put out to tender are evaluated against a pre-determined evaluation matrix that includes any relevant Corporate Responsibility and sustainability criteria, so we can meet our commitments to OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We publicly communicate our performance in sustainable supply chain management annually through our annual Dig Deeper report.

NAB Supplier Awards

We want to inspire all suppliers to achieve their potential and we try to foster relationships that go beyond the traditional supply and demand arrangements.

Our Supplier Awards Program, in place since 2010, recognises suppliers that have made a significant contribution to helping NAB become Australia and New Zealand’s most respected bank. Particularly through providing outstanding value, delivering exceptional performance and demonstrating that they too live our values.

There are four award categories, aligning with four of our five core values.

  • Passion for Customers
  • Will to Win
  • Do the Right thing
  • Be Bold

2015 winners

  • Passion for Customers – Deloitte
  • Will to Win – FIS Australasia
  • Do the Right thing - Workwear Group
  • Be Bold – Clemenger BBDO

Passion for Customers– Deloitte

Will to Win – FIS Australasia

Do the Right thing - Workwear Group

Be Bold – Clemenger BBDO

As a large purchaser of goods and services, we recognise that we have an opportunity – and an obligation – to be responsible in the way we manage our supply chain.

Building a diverse and sustainable supply chain and supporting communities through the power of purchasing

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