Who we are

The NAB Group has a proud heritage of serving the Australian community for more than 150 years. As part of the NAB Group, the NAB Foundation is one way this tradition is continued today. The NAB Foundation is a Private Charitable Trust established in 2008 under its previous name, MLC Community Foundation. Changing to the NAB Foundation in 2016 reflects the whole of the NAB Group’s support of the foundation and we continue the legacy of providing vital funding, awareness and advocacy support to not-for-profit organisations.

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Our approach today- Funding, investments and other support

The NAB Foundation aims to support social impact in a number of ways. As well as our grants program, we look for impact investment opportunities that deliver both a financial return and positive social outcomes. The impact investment market is an evolving one and we believe it’s an innovative way to support financially sustainable initiatives that address social issues.

We provide other non-financial assistance including networking, capacity building activities, communications and advocacy support.

We also support the community organisations we work by drawing on the expertise and resources across the NAB Group. Many of our employees value the opportunity to use their skills and knowledge to work on projects that help their communities.

Measuring outcomes is also a priority for us. We want to work with community organisations that seek to measure their outcomes and understand how they’re making a difference.

Governance and management

The NAB Foundation is governed by the National Australia Trustees Board.

The foundation’s management team is part of NAB’s Corporate Responsibility team, and are accountable to the Trustee Board for delivering on all operational matters and execution of strategies and programs.

Lucy Doyle, Manager NAB Foundation

Elyse Cook, Analyst NAB Foundation


The NAB Foundation began as part of the MLC business, which has a long standing and established commitment to supporting the communities in which their people live and work.

From 2000 to 2008, MLC's People and Community Trust (known as Pact) supported programs and initiatives that were designed to make a lasting difference to the community. This was achieved by providing opportunities for their employees to be involved in, to enrich both their lives and the lives of others.

The name 'Pact' signified the commitment that was made between employees, MLC and the community and a charter was developed that had input by a cross section of employees.

In September 2008, the MLC Community Foundation was established as a Private Charitable Trust overseen by a Trustee and registered with the Australian Taxation Office. This marked a real commitment to securing a long term, sustainable pool of funds with which to support the community.

Just as MLC Community Foundation's name was chosen to represent and acknowledge the heritage of MLC, the transition to NAB Foundation in 2016 is a reflection of the whole organisation’s support behind the foundation.

Today, as a part of NAB’s broader corporate responsibility approach, we look to support the community organisations we work with beyond financial grants by drawing on the skills, expertise and resources from across the NAB Group. This is another important way we continue to reflect the foundation’s origins of employee engagement in the community.

NAB Foundation, ABN: 27 308 230 413