Over 1 million volunteer hours, equating to more than $50 million in salaries, have been contributed by our Australian employees since 2002.

Since 1998, we’ve given our people at least two days each year to volunteer their time and talents to build capacity within communities. Every year we work with over 400 community organisations to advertise over 22,000 volunteering activities and we’re proud to be recognised as a leader in corporate volunteering across Australia.

Volunteers can provide invaluable assistance to build further capacity within community organisations and deliver critical work where it’s needed most. From general or skilled volunteers, individuals or groups, our program flexes to fit community needs.

For our people, volunteering provides professional development, new connections and organisational pride. For example, as part of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) employees have the opportunity to work on secondment in Indigenous organisations on social and economic development projects in the Kimberley. In New Zealand, BNZ’s Closed for Good initiative sees employees close their stores and volunteer on environmental projects.

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