We have over 150 years of experience working with primary producers and farming businesses. We’re dedicated agribusiness bankers who have local knowledge and experience in your industry. We work in partnership with you to help manage your business effectively. We can provide important financial insight and support needed for your industry.

We can help you find the right agribusiness products, understand how to manage risk in your business and create a solid financial plan.

We can put you in contact with specialists in commodities, foreign exchange, financial planning and insurance.

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NAB Farm Management Account Overdraft

A NAB Farm Management Account Overdraft helps you manage your seasonal cash flow and lets you do your everyday banking. It’s a simple, convenient and cost effective way of accessing funds up to an agreed limit when you need it.

NAB Farmer’s Choice Package

NAB Farmer’s Choice Package can offer you concessions and benefits on a wide range of products. Your agribusiness banker will work with you to help select the right products to make up your package.

NAB Vehicle and Equipment Finance

We have a smart and flexible range of products for your vehicle, equipment and plant financing needs. Rent, hire to purchase, purchase outright or sell and lease back, the option’s yours.

NAB International and Domestic Trade Finance

NAB International and Domestic Trade Finance help you manage your sales cycle or payments to your suppliers more effectively. Choose interest rate and maturity options that help manage your cash flow and interest rate risk.

NAB Farm Management Account

NAB Farm Management Account is a transaction account that gives you the flexibility to bank how, when and where you want. Do all your everyday banking with access to electronic banking, cheque and deposit books. It gives you the added benefit of earning interest on every dollar in your account.

NAB Farm Management Deposit

NAB Farm Management Deposit is a fixed term and fixed interest rate investment account for eligible primary producers. Receive tax benefits when you protect your earnings from the risk of poor seasonal and economic conditions by placing them on deposit.

Commodity price risk

Agribusiness price risk management offers a range of strategies, tailored to your business, to help protect it from the risk of commodity price changes.

Foreign exchange risk

Our foreign exchange specialists can help you manage risk linked with dealing in foreign currencies.

Interest rate risk

Interest rate risk management helps you offset the impact of adverse interest rate movements, and take advantage of favourable ones. To help make sense of commodity price, foreign exchange and interest rate risk, visit our Financial Markets website.


NAB Agricover is a range of insurances to cover your assets and livelihood in case of a natural disaster.

Financial planning

We have agribusiness financial planners who know your industry and can help you plan for your financial future. They’ll work with your agribusiness banker to find a plan that suits your business now and in the future.

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