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Combining great healthcare with expert business skills

Dentist, business coach and author, Dr Jesse Green is on a mission to empower healthcare professionals to become true business owners.

How to understand your key financial documents

There’s interesting information buried in your financial documents. Find out how to read them and improve your practice performance.

How to protect your assets and practice

Without appropriate protection, your hard-earned assets could be at risk. Paul Jarvis, whose team manages the wealth of clients in the NAB Health sector, discusses how insurance, tax planning and a collaborative team of advisers can help you build a successful practice.

Prevention is better than cure with workplace mental health

Evy Gomo, Clinical Manager at Davidson Trahaire Corpsych, shares her top tips for SME owners looking to create psychologically healthy workplaces.

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CEO Seat: Dr Jane Thomason on giving back

Public health expert Dr Jane Thomason has spent the past 16 years as Chief Executive Officer of JTA International, the healthcare development consultancy she founded in 1999.

Physio industry builds social media muscle

The peak representative body for Australia’s physiotherapists is using social media as a valuable tool to engage and benefit its members, but also to boost awareness of the profession and its role in the community.

How VHA is using Twitter to build its profile

The Victorian Healthcare Association (VHA) explains how it’s using Twitter to interact with members and influencers in its sphere.

How to recruit the best people for your business

Finding and keeping the right people is fundamental to the success of any business. Gavin O’Meara, Manager of People and Culture at Ramsay Health Care, explains how planning, preparation and ongoing support can help you build an engaged and productive team.

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Hospital boss attributes health of her career to great mentors

Named CEO Magazine’s 2015 Chair of the Year, Monash Health’s Barbara Yeoh says her successful career was shaped by the support and guidance of strong mentors.

GPs take on the role of managing multidisciplinary care

Managing chronic conditions is a complex process. GP Tim Koh, co-owner of the Ocean Keys Family Practice in Western Australia, discusses how a multidisciplinary approach can help patients to take better care of themselves and why a GP is best placed to co-ordinate the team.

Experience and personal passion drive new Head of NAB Health

Digital innovation as well as increasing demand for Australia’s health expertise overseas are two of the big opportunities ahead for the local healthcare sector, says NAB Health’s new General Manager, Cameron Fuller.

Create a positive first impression with your waiting room

Your waiting room can influence how your patients feel about you and your practice. Caroline Chaplin, Director of Rooms With Style, explains how colour, lighting and soft furnishings can help you convey the right message in a cost-effective way.

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Building sustainable relationships for care in the home

There’s a growing need for in-home care services and we are seeing more private operators come into the sector. Caroline Ucherek and Sheree Gover from CJU Medical Marketing share their tips for driving business growth by building relationships with clients, their families and referrers.

A practice manager takes care of the business

The right practice manager can improve the profitability and viability of a practice. GP Philip Gribble of the Clare Medical Centre and Gillian Leach, National CEO of the Australian Association of Practice Management, discuss the benefits of employing someone to take care of business.

Glossary Of Financial Terms

Need an explanation of a financial term or concept? This glossary explains the most common terms in plain English.

Buying your business premises through an SMSF

Learn about the requirements, risks and benefits of buying a business property through your self-managed super fund.

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How Eureka is making retirement more comfortable

Robin Levison, Chairman of ASX-listed Eureka Group Holdings, is running a ‘shared value’ enterprise, providing quality, affordable housing for low-income seniors and giving a return to shareholders at the same time.

Starting your own dental practice

When you’re ready to go it alone, do you buy an existing dental practice or start from scratch? Medfin CEO, Paul Freeman explores the decision-making process, and believes the end result normally stems from whether you’re more entrepreneurial or risk-averse.

Business skills help to build a sustainable private practice

Michael Kenihan is well placed to help clinicians succeed in business. A former athlete and physiotherapist, he now runs Australia’s largest network of allied health and sports medicine practices. He discusses the skills and behaviours that drive a successful private practice.

Planning for success in a general practice

Every business needs a plan, including a general practice. Dr Neville Steer and accountant Sue Prestney discuss the benefits of keeping a business plan short and simple.

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Road from practitioner to designer

Queensland podiatrist and physiotherapist Caroline McCulloch launched FRANKiE4 after spotting a gap in the women’s shoe market for styles that are both comfortable and fashionable.

Tips for buying into an established practice

Buying an established practice can give medical practitioners a head start in business. Medfin’s Nathan Marris and orthodontist Dr Nour Tarraf discuss the benefits and potential pitfalls.

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NAB & Xero

Manage your bank feeds online with Xero and NAB Internet Banking.

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An all-in-one EFTPOS payment and claiming solution, HICAPS is an integral part of NAB Health. HICAPS helps make Medicare administration easier to manage in your practice.

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