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Combining great healthcare with expert business skills

Dentist, business coach and author, Dr Jesse Green is on a mission to empower healthcare professionals to become true business owners.

The challenges and the rewards of being a leader in healthcare

An early love of horses almost led Western Health CEO Alex Cockram to become a veterinarian but her great interest in people’s lives, motivations and their resilience inspired her into psychiatry. It’s what’s still inspiring her today.

Big data heats up the health sector

A commitment to big data is helping the NSW Ministry of Health not only save costs but save lives, from identifying patterns early to ultimately reducing the number of people who end up in the emergency department.

CEO Seat: Dr Jane Thomason on giving back

Public health expert Dr Jane Thomason has spent the past 16 years as Chief Executive Officer of JTA International, the healthcare development consultancy she founded in 1999.

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Iraqi asylum seeker turned-surgeon helps Australia's war-wounded walk again

Former refugee Dr Munjed Al Muderis is an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in hip, knee, trauma and osseointegration surgery – a high-tech procedure that has transformed the lives of many amputees, both in Australia and around the world.

Managing the rising cost of an ageing population

In 40 years, about a quarter of Australia’s population will be over 65. Michael Bassingthwaighte, CEO of Peoplecare, explains how a closer relationship between private health funds and GPs could improve patient wellbeing and manage increasing costs.

Telstra’s huge play in eHealth

Telstra has now invested $237 million in 17 healthcare industry acquisitions, investments and partnerships in order to roll out numerous eHealth initiatives, with the ambition of establishing itself as Australia’s leading eHealth provider.

Taking aged care expertise to China

The Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) was one of the first Australian healthcare organisations to enter China. Executive General Manager Dan Woods discusses its success and ongoing opportunities.

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Marketing-savvy physio brings flexible thinking and fresh energy to aged care

Nick Heywood-Smith and his wife Nikki explain how they built Wellness and Lifestyles Australia into a one-stop shop for allied health services

Hospital boss attributes health of her career to great mentors

Named CEO Magazine’s 2015 Chair of the Year, Monash Health’s Barbara Yeoh says her successful career was shaped by the support and guidance of strong mentors.

GPs take on the role of managing multidisciplinary care

Managing chronic conditions is a complex process. GP Tim Koh, co-owner of the Ocean Keys Family Practice in Western Australia, discusses how a multidisciplinary approach can help patients to take better care of themselves and why a GP is best placed to co-ordinate the team.

From pet project to successful vet practice

After co-founding the first privately run specialist veterinary practice in Sydney, Dr Sarah Goldsmid swam against the tide of the GFC and expanded her business. A finalist in last year’s Telstra Business Women’s Awards, she explains how a passion for surgery continues to drive her success.

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Experience and personal passion drive new Head of NAB Health

Digital innovation as well as increasing demand for Australia’s health expertise overseas are two of the big opportunities ahead for the local healthcare sector, says NAB Health’s new General Manager, Cameron Fuller.

Eyes through the sky

Professor Yogesan Kanagasingam, Research Director of the CSIRO’s Australian e-Health Research Centre, is using the NBN Satellite to conduct remote eye screening in remote indigenous communities. He’s expanded the reach of the Remote-I platform to China.

Ceo Seat: Trish Hogan on transforming Pindara Private Hospital

As CEO of Pindara Private Hospital for the past seven years, Trish Hogan has steered more than $110 million worth of development, transforming the Ramsay Health Care-owned operation into the largest and most comprehensive private hospital on the Gold Coast.

Australia-China healthcare opportunities

One of China’s two millennial goals, which mark the hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party, is to complete a transition to what it calls a ‘middle income’ country by 2020-21. Keeping this all-important emerging middle class happy and healthy will be...

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A practice manager takes care of the business

The right practice manager can improve the profitability and viability of a practice. GP Philip Gribble of the Clare Medical Centre and Gillian Leach, National CEO of the Australian Association of Practice Management, discuss the benefits of employing someone to take care of business.

Meet the man with his finger on the pulse of property investment

Health Project Services CEO Dean Crozier is on a mission to deliver a vital transformation of the healthcare property sector in Australia.

Entrepreneurial medico thinks outside convention to stitch up lucrative new markets

Dr Ben Chan is part of a growing tribe of doctors who have started complementary side-businesses.

How Eureka is making retirement more comfortable

Robin Levison, Chairman of ASX-listed Eureka Group Holdings, is running a ‘shared value’ enterprise, providing quality, affordable housing for low-income seniors and giving a return to shareholders at the same time.

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Mergers and acquisitions are reshaping healthcare

Across the health and aged care industry there is a continuing trend towards consolidation through mergers and acquisition. NAB’s John McCarthy discusses the impact of this trend and how to prepare for a merger or sale.

Road from practitioner to designer

Queensland podiatrist and physiotherapist Caroline McCulloch launched FRANKiE4 after spotting a gap in the women’s shoe market for styles that are both comfortable and fashionable.

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