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Consumer spend at direct care Health Practitioners

This report provides a first look at Australian household spending patterns across a range of patient care practitioners (excluding GP’s, hospitals, pharmacies) based on transactions made through NAB’s health payment systems.

Aged Care: Navigating a changing investment landscape

This insights paper has been prepared by NAB Corporate Health and JBWere to address the current challenges facing providers and to examine some of the successful strategies being adopted.

NAB and Medfin Health Practitioners’ sentiment survey

The NAB Health Practitioners’ Sentiment survey is designed to gauge how medical practitioners feel about the prospects for their business and industry.

The challenges and the rewards of being a leader in healthcare

An early love of horses almost led Western Health CEO Alex Cockram to become a veterinarian but her great interest in people’s lives, motivations and their resilience inspired her into psychiatry. It’s what’s still inspiring her today.

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Prevention is better than cure with workplace mental health

Evy Gomo, Clinical Manager at Davidson Trahaire Corpsych, shares her top tips for SME owners looking to create psychologically healthy workplaces.

Iraqi asylum seeker turned-surgeon helps Australia's war-wounded walk again

Former refugee Dr Munjed Al Muderis is an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in hip, knee, trauma and osseointegration surgery – a high-tech procedure that has transformed the lives of many amputees, both in Australia and around the world.

Managing the rising cost of an ageing population

In 40 years, about a quarter of Australia’s population will be over 65. Michael Bassingthwaighte, CEO of Peoplecare, explains how a closer relationship between private health funds and GPs could improve patient wellbeing and manage increasing costs.

Telstra’s huge play in eHealth

Telstra has now invested $237 million in 17 healthcare industry acquisitions, investments and partnerships in order to roll out numerous eHealth initiatives, with the ambition of establishing itself as Australia’s leading eHealth provider.

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New strategies for keeping seniors out of hospital

Continued growth in the ageing population is expected to generate business for healthcare providers. Strategic Professor Susan Gordon, South Australian Chair of Restorative Care at Flinders University, explains the benefits of differentiating your services to meet older people’s evolving needs.

Partnerships with Consumers – good practice, good business, good policy

This report looks into the growing trends of digitisation and how that is driving deeper partnerships with consumers. It is based on insights from industry experts, clients, NAB Health’s analysts, plus key strategy executives representing practitioners, pharmacists, and corporate health.

With next-gen wearable tech, doctors gain tools to deliver more intensive care

Wearable technology could improve patients’ quality of life and help medical professionals to provide more tailored care. Associate Professor Vijay Sivaraman discusses the potential benefits, and why widespread adoption could be five years away.

The new CancerAid app supports patients and their doctors

We talk to one of the developers of the CancerAid smartphone app that helps doctors to personalise their support for cancer patients.

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Taking aged care expertise to China

The Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) was one of the first Australian healthcare organisations to enter China. Executive General Manager Dan Woods discusses its success and ongoing opportunities.

The changing landscape of community pharmacy

How can pharmacies evolve with changing times? NAB research has identified three important metrics for community pharmacies to keep an eye on to improve productivity. They include Stock turnover, dispensary to sales ratio and wage costs for sales ratio.

Six strategies for creating a safer medical practice

Medical practitioners often put their patients first – but the price could be compassion fatigue. Dr Frank Jones, President of the RACGP, and Dr Frank Meumann, President of the region’s Balint Society, explain how sharing experiences can have a positive impact.

Sharing experiences can positively impact mental health

Medical practitioners often put their patients first – but the price could be compassion fatigue. Dr Frank Jones, President of the RACGP, and Dr Frank Meumann, President of the region’s Balint Society, explain how sharing experiences can have a positive impact.

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GPs take on the role of managing multidisciplinary care

Managing chronic conditions is a complex process. GP Tim Koh, co-owner of the Ocean Keys Family Practice in Western Australia, discusses how a multidisciplinary approach can help patients to take better care of themselves and why a GP is best placed to co-ordinate the team.

From pet project to successful vet practice

After co-founding the first privately run specialist veterinary practice in Sydney, Dr Sarah Goldsmid swam against the tide of the GFC and expanded her business. A finalist in last year’s Telstra Business Women’s Awards, she explains how a passion for surgery continues to drive her success.

Eyes through the sky

Professor Yogesan Kanagasingam, Research Director of the CSIRO’s Australian e-Health Research Centre, is using the NBN Satellite to conduct remote eye screening in remote indigenous communities. He’s expanded the reach of the Remote-I platform to China.

Designing hospitals for optimal health

Recognition that the environment in which patients are treated makes a big difference to how successful the outcomes are is driving hospital design, according to Conrad Gargett’s Managing Director Bruce Wolfe, a firm believer in what’s known as ‘Salutogenic Design’.

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Calls for pharmacists to expand their role

An expanded role for pharmacists could reduce pressure on GPs and emergency departments. George Tambassis, National President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, and GP Kean-Seng Lim, who has a pharmacist in his practice, discuss the benefits for patients, health practitioners and the public purse.

Building sustainable relationships for care in the home

There’s a growing need for in-home care services and we are seeing more private operators come into the sector. Caroline Ucherek and Sheree Gover from CJU Medical Marketing share their tips for driving business growth by building relationships with clients, their families and referrers.

Australia-China healthcare opportunities

One of China’s two millennial goals, which mark the hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party, is to complete a transition to what it calls a ‘middle income’ country by 2020-21. Keeping this all-important emerging middle class happy and healthy will be...

Just graduated and looking for finance? Medfin can help

Starting your career is exciting. Find out how Medfin can help with finance that meets the unique needs of healthcare graduates.

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Medfin – finance for healthcare professionals

Medfin understands the unique financial needs of healthcare professionals. Find out more about what we do and how we can help you.

Meet the man with his finger on the pulse of property investment

Health Project Services CEO Dean Crozier is on a mission to deliver a vital transformation of the healthcare property sector in Australia.

Entrepreneurial medico thinks outside convention to stitch up lucrative new markets

Dr Ben Chan is part of a growing tribe of doctors who have started complementary side-businesses.

How Eureka is making retirement more comfortable

Robin Levison, Chairman of ASX-listed Eureka Group Holdings, is running a ‘shared value’ enterprise, providing quality, affordable housing for low-income seniors and giving a return to shareholders at the same time.

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Medfin Classifieds

Free classifieds for healthcare professionals. Find practices for sale, positions vacant and medical equipment to buy or sell.

HICAPS - easy claims processing

HICAPS is the leading claiming and payment solution for healthcare professionals. Find out how it could benefit your practice.

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