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Australia’s aging population is our fastest growing demographic trend. Meeting the aged care services this growth demands is an exciting opportunity for providers that will require a shift in thinking for many.

This insights paper has been prepared by NAB Corporate Health and JBWere to address the current challenges facing providers and to examine some of the successful strategies being adopted.

For full analysis, download report:

Managing the rising cost of an ageing population

In 40 years, about a quarter of Australia’s population will be over 65. Michael Bassingthwaighte, CEO of Peoplecare, explains how a closer relationship between private health funds and GPs could improve patient wellbeing and manage increasing costs.

Planning for your retirement

What you need to think about – and organise – before you retire and enjoy your golden years.

Combining great healthcare with expert business skills

Dentist, business coach and author, Dr Jesse Green is on a mission to empower healthcare professionals to become true business owners.

Taking aged care expertise to China

The Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) was one of the first Australian healthcare organisations to enter China. Executive General Manager Dan Woods discusses its success and ongoing opportunities.

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