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Investing in a new medical practice

A new medical practice can be designed to reflect your vision and may also cost less than an established business. Nathan Marris, Relationship Manager at Medfin Finance, shares his tips for success, and practice.

Things to consider before setting up a general practice

A GP setting up a private practice needs to consider everything that comes with owning a business from demographics to finance, taxation, employment and compliance issues. Paul Freeman, CEO of Medfin Finance, explains how to avoid the pitfalls.

Buying your business premises through an SMSF

Learn about the requirements, risks and benefits of buying a business property through your self-managed super fund.

Medfin Classifieds

Free classifieds for healthcare professionals. Find practices for sale, positions vacant and medical equipment to buy or sell.

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9 tips when buying a practice

What do you need to know when buying a practice? These nine tips will help you understand and deal with the main issues.

How to build a successful practice

Is building a general practice different to any other business? See what the experts say and gain some useful tips and advice.

Mergers and acquisitions are reshaping healthcare

Across the health and aged care industry there is a continuing trend towards consolidation through mergers and acquisition. NAB’s John McCarthy discusses the impact of this trend and how to prepare for a merger or sale.

Starting your own dental practice

When you’re ready to go it alone, do you buy an existing dental practice or start from scratch? Medfin CEO, Paul Freeman explores the decision-making process, and believes the end result normally stems from whether you’re more entrepreneurial or risk-averse.

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Business skills help to build a sustainable private practice

Michael Kenihan is well placed to help clinicians succeed in business. A former athlete and physiotherapist, he now runs Australia’s largest network of allied health and sports medicine practices. He discusses the skills and behaviours that drive a successful private practice.

10 tips for starting a dental practice

Starting a dental practice for the first time can be challenging, especially during the initial planning stages. One of Medfin’s leading dental finance specialists, Haydn Maddock, shares his top 10 tips for setting up a practice that’s built for success.

Tips for buying into an established practice

Buying an established practice can give medical practitioners a head start in business. Medfin’s Nathan Marris and orthodontist Dr Nour Tarraf discuss the benefits and potential pitfalls.

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NAB Startup

Getting your business started? From registering an ABN (or ACN), to getting a domain name - we've partnered with Easycompanies to help simplify the start-up process. If you're a start-up, we've got you covered.

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