Applying for NAB Connect

  1. Use our online application form to request a basic NAB Connect profile. This will automatically include all accounts established under your business profile, as well as services like domestic and international payments, BPAY, account reporting, bulk payments and payroll, online statements and enhanced self-service functions.
  2. One of our specialists will contact you within two business days to finalise set up of your account. At this time you’ll also have access to view your accounts and create payments. We call this type of access the General User (see below for further details).
  3. Once you download your mobile token to your iOS or Android device or receive your physical token in the mail (usually 5 – 7 business days) you will have full access. We call this full access the Security Officer (see below for further details) which will allow you to authorise payments and configure your NAB Connect via our self service functions.
  4. If your business is a complex structure, you may wish to complete the Delegated Authority Form and have a NAB Connect specialist talk you through your initial set up.

General users

These users can view account balances and generate reports, create payment instructions for approval and add or amend beneficiary and biller details. General users cannot authorise payments.

Authorising user

These users can perform all the functions of a General User and also authorise payments, revoke future dated payments and approve payment that have gone above the limit.

Security officer

This is the highest level of access and in addition to the functions of an Authorising User, a Security Officer is able to configure the NAB Connect set up. This includes adding new users, assign accounts and services, request additional services and change payment authorisation rules.

Logging in to NAB Connect

Before you login to NAB Connect make sure you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and Fees and Charges. Your login is considered acceptance and charges will begin to apply.

You can use the temporary password in your Welcome Email to login to NAB Connect. The first time you log in you'll be prompted to:

  1. Set up your secret questions – these may be used to verify your identity if you contact our Help Desk for assistance.
  2. Set payment daily limits – controls the total daily value your business can transact.

Setting up NAB Connect

We’ve given you an explanation on some of the security options you can select when setting up your NAB Connect profile.

Dual administration

An additional security layer, this requires two Security Officers to create, modify or delete users.

Daily limit

This is the total daily value your business can transact. You’ll need to configure a daily limit upon your initial login. Payments above the daily limit will need to be approved by an Authorising User.

Segregation of duties

Protect yourself from fraud by preventing the same person from creating and authorising a payment.

Dual payment authorisation rules

This is the best defence against internal fraud—it requires two authorised users to approve payments.

Transaction signing limit

Additional security steps for the last to authorise a payment which is equal to or above the limit.

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