Benefits and features

    Grow with your business

    • NAB Connect supports a huge range of services and can cater for your banking needs both now and in the future.
    • View balances and transactions for all NAB accounts including business accounts, personal accounts and more.
    • Larger daily transfer and payment limits than Internet Banking.

    Peace of mind

    • Every user has a unique 10-digit identification number for high security benefits, like seeing who’s transacting on your business banking account.
    • Control users’ access to accounts and functions and restrict payment types and amounts.
    • Prevent fraud through Segregation of Duties.
    • Protect sensitive payroll information.

    Simple and powerful tools

    • Reduce administration by using bulk payments to process multiple transactions at once.
    • Avoid manual reconciliation by downloading financial files straight into most accounting packages.
    • Manage your corporate cards with a range of self service options, like requesting new cards and more.
    • Book foreign exchange deals, manage your trade and invoice finance needs, and process BPAY and Direct Debit payments from your customers.
    • View balances, transactions and authorise payments on your smart phone.


    When bundled in a NAB Business Fundamentals package, the NAB Connect monthly payment service fee is waived and you only pay for what you use.

    Pricing table

    Establishment Fee: $0
    Monthly Access: $0
    Security Token: $0 (first two tokens)
    Payments service: Waived under NAB Business Fundamentals (usually $10 per month GST inclusive)
    Domestic payments
    (Domestic (non-urgent) and BPAY)
    Waived under NAB Business Fundamentals (usually $0.25 per transaction)
    Bulk Payments
    (Direct Credit, Payroll, Executive Payroll)
    $0.25 per transaction (GST Inclusive)
    International payments $20 per transaction

    NAB Connect Fees and Charges Schedule (PDF, 289KB).

    How to apply

    Existing NAB Connect customer?

    Important information

    Before applying, please read the Terms and Conditions and NAB Connect Fees and Charges.

    Use our online application form to request a basic NAB Connect profile. This will automatically include all accounts established under your business profile, as well as services like domestic and international payments, BPAY, account reporting, online statements and enhanced self-serve functions.

    If your business is a complex structure, please complete the Delegated Authority Form (PDF, 1.1MB) and have a NAB Connect specialist talk you through your initial set up.

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